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Sarah Wiley Celebrates Fifteen Years at MMG

To quote the great motivational writer, Dale Carnegie, “A successful business must focus on innovation and service while placing the highest regard and respect for loyalty. Loyalty is often overlooked to the peril of many leaders and organizations”.

Sarah Wiley; our Sales and Marketing Director, is the heart and soul of Mandel Media Group, and I am proud to celebrate her 15 year work anniversary at our organization. Congratulations, Sarah! I am honored to know and work with you for so many years! Here’s to the NEXT fifteen!


Digital Dash….So True!



Please watch this :30 second commercial. Adobe’s “wu-wu” commercial really captures the hysteria in Silicon Valley and the tech/digital world so well. For good or for bad…this knee-jerk approach to get ahead of the competition has symbolized this world since its meteoric conception.

What would Warren Buffett say about such business behavior?


T&C Philanthropy Summit, 2015….Mr Bill Clinton Leads OUR Charge

Such a powerful connection between Hearst’s flagship luxury lifestyle brand, Town&Country and one of the most powerful men in world history, Bill Clinton. T&C, lead by Jay Fielden and Jennifer Bruno will host this spectacular event  on May 7th.  #lovetogive #tandcphilanthropy