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Always Learning

I had the great opportunity last week to experience a full day digital sales training seminar led by Doug Weaver. For those of you who are not familiar, Doug Weaver is the founder and CEO of the very popular digital sales blog called The Drift, In addition to his site and his busy training calendar, he leads sales management /networking opportunities such as Seller Forums and workshops.

Resonating most from his approach was his steadfast emphasis placed on becoming an expert in your client’s business and needs. As we all know, advertisers are in the business of solving their problems, not buying advertising… a big difference. To that end, he spends a lot of time suggesting extensive research and a strong valuation of the marketer’s current business objectives, challenges, competition…and everything else that is relevant in their world.

Once you gain an understanding (and confidence level) in your customer’s business needs, it is amazing how empowering it becomes, as a seller. You develop a new level of passion and confidence of your selling process, bringing you that much closer to the end goal.

Thanks, Doug!